China Travel

China Travel - Vacation Packages in China

China Travel – Vacation Packages in China

Summer Travel in China can be one of the best experiences of  your lifetime. The fact that China itself has a unique culture is one reason to partake in a China tour, this way, you can understand certain things about the
Chinese lifestyle, however; traveling during the summer is another great reason  to have a fun filled China holiday. To know about the luxury gateway read

The best period of the year for a successful trip to China is usually between April and October; the weather is
conducive and there are lots of festivals in various parts of China making your travel experience an awesome one. Read more about festival in china by clicking here:

Classic China tours:

These luxury vacation packages combine all the must-sees of China like the majestic Great Wall in Beijing, the amazing historical wonder -Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the stunningly beautiful Li River in Guilin, the
modern wonders of dynamic in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and as well as the breathtaking natural wonders of the Yangtze River.

Silk Road tours:

For centuries the Silk Road was a trade route linking Asian and Europe. The silk merchants of Xian set off with their camel caravans on the long trek to distant Constantinople while some adventurous pioneers such as Marco Polo went to the east to see China 2000 years ago. With the inclusion of exotic places like Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan and Dun Huang, these tour packagesare particularly designed for hikers and the adventure lovers.

China Travel - Vacation Packages in China

Moderate cycling excursions:

Cycling in China is a very good opportunity for you to have a real understanding of the local people life. These packages involve cycling Hutong in Beijing and cycling atop the Ancient City Wall in Xian, the Suhe Old
Town outside Lijiang, the renowned Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar and the picturesque country road in Yangshuo.

Seaside and sunny vacation:

Those who are fond of sunshine, sand, beach, swimming, golfing and relaxation had better come to Hainan – a renowned tropical resort as “the Oriental Hawaii”. In Hainan Island, the fresh air and exciting recreation will give you a jolt of adrenaline.

Whatever your interests are, there will be a lot to do on a China tour. Since China is so large, parts of it have remained unchanged and adventurous enough to satisfy the explorer in you. With the help of your tour
agent, you can definitely find the tour itinerary which suits your travel plans and your budget as well among the various tour packages.

If you have planned your summer vacation for a trip to China, then its best you know how to best enjoy China within the thirteen days you will be visiting.A vacation in China can be a fantastic experience. Whether you’re
interested in history and culture, or you are nature lovers, China has something for everyone. The reason being is its rich history,spectacular scenery, colorful folklore, and diverse culture.…

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